Special Service Request

Special Service Request

(1)    Wheel chair

APEX provides wheelchair service without any extra charge. Passengers need to request wheelchairs at the time of booking, or at least 24 hours before departure date.

(2)    Seats
Passengers can request seat types (window seats or aisle seats) on your booking, we will assign you desired seats.

(3)    Unaccompanied Minor – UMNR

Unaccompanied Minor is a child between 6 to 12 years and not accompanied by his/her parents, guardians or a passenger aged 18 years or more.

(3.1) Unaccompanied Minor Advice

Reservations will dispatch a UM advice besides, in the PNL/ADL code UMNR will appear as an SSR item. These should alert Passenger Services Staff (PSS) about the UM travel so special handling may be accorded as per APEX Airlines standards and procedures.

(3.2) Check-in and Boarding Procedure

  • When UMNR check-in, Passenger Services Staff (PSS) will recognize based on the information in the PNL and the form.PSS, preferably female staff must take full charge of the UM the moment of check-in.
  • Do not allocate seats in rows next to Emergency Exits.
  • Escort the UMNR pre-departure formalities e.g. Immigration, security and boarding procedures.
  • Where applicable, leave a UMNR only in a designated room and if such facility is not available, ensure UMNR is within sight of boarding staff.
  • Always board UMNR ahead of other passengers
  • Introduce UMNR to the cabin crew and ensure all his/her personal items e.g. hand baggage, NRC/Passport etc. are with UMNR before handing over.
  • Ensure both copies of UMNR for munder box Action Traffic/Cabin Crew item1 are completed.


(3.3) Arrival Procedures

  • Based on the UMNR advice the arrival station is to organize and arrange for a staff to meet the UMNR on arrival
  • Contact the parents or guardians to advise the arrival details of the UMNR and the ETA of the flight and confirmation the UMNR will be received on arrival
  • Meet the aircraft and receive the UMNR from cabin crew. Ensure cabin crew sign off item 2 of UMNR before accepting UMNR.
  • Take charge of UMNR and assist through the arrival formalities. Help to retrieve baggage and wait for person who is coming to fetch the UMNR.
  • Handover the UMNR only to the person whose name appears in the UMNR form. Request for proof of identity. Contact the parents or guardians for authority to release the child to the other person; if handing over to guardians not mentioned in the form.
  • Item 3 to be signed by PSS and item 4 by person meeting/taking UMNR. Record the person’s ID number in the form. Up lift copy for station file.

(3.4) Transit/Transfer procedures

  • During transit stop the UMNR should be under the care of cabin crew.
  • In the case of delay at transit station, PSS must accept full responsibility of the UMNR welfare.
  • PSS is responsible for the UMNR from the time he/she is handed over to the cabin crew of the connecting flight.


(3.5) Handling of UM on Disrupted services

  • When a UM is delayed for more than 1 hour at anypoint or when they missed the onward flight or otherwise reroutes, originating, transit or transfer and arrival stations must be notified to adviseparents or guardians accordingly. The following procedures will be adopted:-
  • Identify the UM with the help of cabin crew
  • Get details of person/s to contact through the UMNR form
  • Inform Ums origin /destination stations so parents/guardians can be fully informed of the situation. Any changes stations must be informed so Parents/guardians are kept in the picture until UMNR is delivered.


(4) Expectant Mother

Expectant mothers are not normally regarded as in capacitated passengers. They may be accepted for travel up to and including the 28th weeks of pregnancy.

Condition of Carriage ( Passenger after 28 < PAX < 32 )

  • Passenger must produce a medical certificate signed by her doctor.
  • The certificate must state the expected date of confinement (EDC) on the date of travel and also her fitness for air travel.

Condition of Carriage ( Passenger 32< )

  • After 32 weeks, APEX will not accept the passenger unless it is an emergency case.

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